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Tau Films Recreates Himalayan Mountain Climb Experience for The North Face Commercial – CG Nature Elements and Digital Matte Paintings Create the Environment for a Rugged Adventure.

Tau Films created the animation and visual effects for the North Face FUTURELIGHT commercial that showcases climbers negotiating the difficult Himalayan mountain terrain in The North Face mountain gear. The North Face is an outdoor-recreation product company that specializes in clothing, footwear, and outdoor equipment.

Tau Films artists and production staff worked on the 10 shots for The North Face commercial to create the environment, the landscape, and the weather which the mountaineers inhabited. “The goal was to create imagery and animation that placed the audience right in the middle of the action in the Himalayan mountain ranges,” said Ken Roupenian, Senior Vice-President and Executive Producer, Tau Films. “Our clients wanted us to create the rugged landscape and the elements of nature that embody the essence of a climb in the Himalayas.” 

“The Himalayas are one of most recognizable mountain ranges. The challenge for us was to ensure that the rocks, the backdrops, the snow, and the mist looked specific and believable,” noted Marla Barrett, Flame Artist, Tau Films.  “We had to ensure a smooth transition between the foreground snow and rock elements and the background matte paintings to create the seamless environment for the live-action talent.”

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